Workout while sitting

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  • leg exerciser
  • leg exerciser
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Workout while sitting

Prolonged sitting is not great for your circulation or your back. It weakens leg muscles and slows the blood flow in your legs, which could cause a clot. Well, this new trainer is the perfect solution.

While seated, place the unit on the floor at a reasonable distance from you. Then with both feet on the board, slowly extend and withdraw your legs against a selected resistance of your choice. You will be able to work the muscles in your legs and core 


LPET is a unique leg exerciser where both feet can move linearly in sync while allowing you to maintain an upright posture without flexing or twisting your body.

LPET will not induce ergonomic stresses on the lower spine as do other types of trainers such as circular and elliptical.

If you integrate a fitness tracker with LPET into your workouts, you will be able to accurately track calories and strides.


• Burn calories and improve your circulation.

• Tone your lower body muscles.

• Workout anywhere: home, office, or on a plane flight.

• Exercise with no impact on your joints.

• Increase the flexibility of your calf and ankle muscles.

• Exercise with more clearance between the knees and desk.

Includes resistance bands with 3 levels of strength: Light 11 lbs, Medium 14.3 lbs, and Heavy 16.5 lbs . 

• Non-skid rubber bumper feet provide traction and security on any floors or surfaces.


• LPET comes with its own carry bag for portability and easy storage. 

• A weight of 6 pounds makes it convenient to carry anywhere.

Upper Body Exercise

Resistance band workout with LPET. 

LegPET features

  • Compact and lightweight

    Portable and easy store because of its weight of 6 pounds and dimensions of 4 inch depth, 8 inch width and 26 inch length.

  • Smooth and Quiet

    6 inline skate roller wheels with ABEC 7 bearings are mounted to a foot carriage allowing for a smooth and quiet ride within a pair of sturdy tracks.

  • Pull-pull action

    With either one leg or both legs, you can pull against a selected  resistance in forward and backward directions allowing the stimulation of core and leg muscles .

  • Ergonomic

    Low profile and linear motion allow for more clearance between knees and desk.

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